About TMSC

For decades, Talcott Mountain Science Center (TMSC) has known that school is not the only place for students to learn. 

TMSC is the region’s leader in providing informal, out-of-school STEM learning opportunities for students who are curious, passionate, and want a hands-on approach to engaging with the fascinating world of science. Committed to lifelong learning, TMSC also hosts programs, like Skygazing, for learners of all ages who seek to build their knowledge and experiences by connecting with our state-of-the-art equipment and team of expert scientists.

Science and technology represent two major forces in our ever-changing world, and our mission is to inspire today’s children to invent tomorrow. Whether it’s engagement in our summer program or joining one of our competitive robotics teams, students who learn at Talcott Mountain Science Center gain the highest levels of knowledge, essential problem solving and critical thinking skills, and a sense of confidence that spurs creativity and innovation.

Located atop a mountain and surrounded by diverse ecosystems, Talcott Mountain Science Center provides an exciting environment for learners to explore, engage, and excel. Come learn at Talcott Mountain Science Center and be inspired by a community committed to using STEM education to powerfully and positively change the world.