Beyond the Classroom

At Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy, we recognize that learning extends far beyond the classroom. We believe in encouraging students to step beyond their comfort zones, explore the unknown, and spread their wings in a nurturing, secure environment. Our goal is to ignite a passion for learning that permeates every facet of a student’s life.


In addition to our standard curriculum, students have the unique opportunity to explore subject areas of interest through Talcott’s enrichment program. Areas of focus differ each semester, but recently students have loved learning about hydroponics, creative writing, publishing, web design, yearbook, radio science, dramatic arts, math theory, orchestra and more.

Field Trips

We believe that true learning comes to life beyond the classroom, which is why we integrate enriching field trips into our educational experience. Our students have the privilege of visiting professional sites such as bioengineering labs, aerospace manufacturers, and hydroponic greenhouses. These hands-on experiences provide valuable insights into real-world applications of their knowledge. Moreover, our educational adventures include whale watching, marine life exploration at the beaches of Hammonasset State Park, visits to the iconic Bushnell theater, and even a journey to Ellis Island, New York. For many of our older students students, the highlight is their week-long trip to Herkimer, New York, where they immerse themselves in the world of geology, digging for fossils and mining for Herkimer diamonds—a truly unforgettable experience.