Faculty & Staff

Meet the people at the heart of Talcott.

Passionate professionals who are committed to nurturing the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, Talcott’s faculty and staff is comprised of highly qualified educators and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in their respective fields.

Every member of our faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the classroom, making every learning experience engaging, interactive, and unforgettable. They inspire students to embrace challenges, ask thought-provoking questions, and explore the endless possibilities of science. The community that they collectively create provides students with a nurturing and stimulating environment; and parents with a team of people who they know are fully vested in their child’s education and development.

Teaching Faculty

Caitlyn Bolduc

Teacher, Suite A

Jennifer Casey

Teacher, Music

Richard Cavett

Teacher, History & Social Studies

Erin Copley

Teacher, Phys. Education; Teaching Asst., Stes. A & B

M.J. Hartell

Teacher, Language Arts

Emma Holden

Teacher, Suite B2

Katie Larsen

Teacher, Art & Spanish

Hannah Marye

Teacher, Science

Jennifer Orifice

Teacher, Suite I & II

Anne Ouellette

Teacher, Math

John Pellino

Teacher, Computer Science; IT & Facilities Coordinator

Kaitlyn Roberts

Teacher, Earth Science

Lavinia Southam

Teacher, Suite B1

Brigette Zacharczenko

Teacher, Science

Administrators & Staff

Christine Buhler

Director of Development & Marketing

Antonia Fagbemi

Business Manager

Lydia Gibb

Academy Dean

Audrey Kallassy

Executive Assistant, Science Center

Rochelle Lind

Administrative Assistant, Academy

Jeffrey Magnoli

Admissions Officer

Jeff Martin

Executive Director

Christina Moynihan

Nurse; Teacher, Health

Jay White

Director of Science & Innovation