Board of Trustees

At the core of every exceptional educational institution lies a dedicated and visionary group of individuals who steer its course towards excellence. Talcott’s Board of Trustees is a collective of passionate leaders, innovators, and advocates committed to advancing the frontiers of education and fostering a deep appreciation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Our Board of Trustees comprises a diverse array of professionals from various backgrounds — each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to guide our institution’s growth and impact. With unwavering dedication, they work in tandem with our faculty, students, and the broader community to chart a course that aligns with our mission of inspiring a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.

From education and research to business and community engagement, our trustees are at the forefront of their respective fields, imbuing the Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy with insights that empower us to adapt, innovate, and remain at the cutting edge of STEM and gifted and talented education.

As advocates for curiosity-driven education and forward-thinking pedagogical approaches, our Board of Trustees plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of both the Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy and the communities we serve. Together, we embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and education, pushing boundaries and expanding horizons to ignite a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Learn more about these dedicated individuals who guide us toward excellence – the Talcott Mountain Science Center & Academy Board of Trustees.

Rhonda Bird

Chair, Board of Trustees

Carolyn VanNewkirk Hoffman

Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

Arnold Chase

Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Frank Hursey

Secretary, Board of Trustees

Christine Andrews

Member, Board of Trustees

Dr. Harry J. Blaise

Member, Board of Trustees

Stephen Fantone, Ph.D.

Member, Board of Trustees

Jon Fitzgerald

Member, Board of Trustees

Eric Fossum, Ph.D.

Member, Board of Trustees

Helene Ramirez Guerra

Member, Board of Trustees

Alicia Hayter

Member, Board of Trustees

Joya Hariharan

Member, Board of Trustees

Reinhard Kage, Ph.D.

Member, Board of Trustees

Ken LaRocque

Member, Board of Trustees

Thomas Rechen

Member, Board of Trustees

Don Wilson

Member, Board of Trustees

Carmen Cid

Trustee Emerita

Bernie Zahren

Trustee Emeritus

Jonathan Craig

Executive Director Emeritus